Before you create your online course

By Annie Anderson / November 18, 2019

I’ve been working with clients on building and creating courses using WordPress and other platforms for about 5 years now. In that time, I’ve come to know a handful of things you should be aware of and think about before you create your online course. In this post, I’ll go over those things. Before we […]

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What I learned at WordCamp Seattle

By Annie Anderson / November 16, 2019

And why you should go to one near you First, let me just say it was an amazing event and I am so honored I got to present my workshop “Let’s Build a Course! And Why You Should.” (Even though I had a few snafus!) But I made the best of it and I received […]

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[Courses] How to Build a Course on WordPress

By Annie Anderson / October 19, 2019

Creating courses is one of DBB’s specialties. In fact, it’s what I’m teaching my workshop on at WordCamp Seattle this year (more on that soon!) and so I decided to create a course on exactly how to do it! And it’s launching next month! I’ve spent the past few weeks building out the course website, […]

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Build a design agency, part 1

By Annie Anderson / October 4, 2019

Building a design agency starts well before you decide on a name for your company or design a website. I know, those are the fun things! And we’ll get to them in another post.  First, let’s talk about where you should start. . . Your journey to creating a lasting and sustainable business starts with […]

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The importance of good hosting

By Annie Anderson / September 14, 2019

Not all hosting platforms are created equal. I’ve been working with a design client since this spring whose website has had so many problems that are a direct result of the hosting platform it’s on. And that’s in addition to all the issues we had to fix, remove, and debug in the redesign and rebuild […]

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How to backup your WordPress website

By Annie Anderson / February 3, 2018

  “OMG! What happened to my site!?” Ever gotten the proverbial “white screen of death?” It can happen when you’ve updated a plugin, your theme, or even WordPress core. Suddenly your site disappears with just a blank white screen. No error message. No content. Everything just GONE! But the worst thing is, you have no […]

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