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Design Consult & Audit

A few days ago, I mentioned that in 2022 I would be implementing a paid consult model and that once I got the updates made on my website, I’d be changing the introductory price. . .

Well, I got the updates made over the weekend and will be offering the intro price until Sunday January 9. After that, it will increase to $375.

So, if you’ve been wanting an audit – and I know a few of you have reached out in the past about it – get on it this week before the new price goes live.

Right now, a Design Consult & Audit is $225.

The Design Consult & Audit is a bit different than my original Audit service but it’s just as thorough and consists of 3 parts.


I’ll login into your website, your email marketing system, your funnel system, and whatever else you’re using to get a full picture of your process, your copy, and your design.

I’ll also test for functionality, consistency, flow, and accessibility, and to see how it’s all working together.

This is where most people have trouble – things are usually NOT working together which creates tension and headaches for you.


After I’ve done my initial assessment, we’ll jump on Zoom together to review my findings.

We’ll go over what’s working, what’s not working, what can be improved, revised, added, or eliminated and I’ll give you possible solutions.

Then, we’ll make a few minor tweaks here and there which may include things like configuring and optimizing plugins, performing updates, revising navigation, and optimizing site speed.

I’ll also send you a video recording of my recommendations for each aspect of your system.


If we determine your site, workflow, systems, and automations need more than minor tweaks, we’ll discuss that and I’ll offer you a proposal to get things in order.

That might mean an entire website and systems overhaul or could simply meaning streamlining your tools for better flow and simplicity.

And if we do move forward, the fee you paid for the Consult & Audit will be credited to any further services you might choose to purchase (except maintenance plans).

So, there you have it! I’m booking Consult & Audit spaces now.

Click the button below for more details and to book your session. Design Consult & Audit

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