I’m giving away the farm!

I’m giving away the farm!

Until Friday September 2nd or until 4 spots for this offer are gone, whichever comes first.

You get:

  • Website built – up to 10 pages, basic ecommerce (if needed), integration of email marketing system, etc.
  • One full year of my premium maintenance plan – includes bi-weekly updates of plugins, themes, WordPress plus SEO management, security monitoring, daily backups, and more
  • One full year of weekly content creation – can be either weekly newsletters or blog posts plus up to 6 “re-mixes” for social media content, and 1 automation sequence of up to 10 emails
  • Digital copy of my Whole Life Business Planner 2022 edition – along with a copy of the forthcoming 2023 Playbook (due out late October/early November)

Must be paid in full, no payment plan available.


Website build: $7500
Content creation: $9600
Maintenance: $3600
TOTAL VALUE: $20,700

YOUR COST: $8800

Why am I doing this? The answer is two-fold. . .

First, I want to get a good solid foundation going for the content writing services we’ve just started offering our clients. This means you’ll be asked to provide testimonials which will be used on my website and social media.

Second, I got bills to pay, folks. And mouths to feed. AND it’s time to replace my car. I keep holding out hope that it’ll be found but it’s been nearly 5 months now and nothing. So, I gotta get serious about finding a new one. I’d like to do that before winter (and rain!) sets in.

Why should you work with me? That answer is simple. . .

I’ve got tons of experience in WordPress design, development, troubleshooting, and resolving issues. I build sites with tools that make it easy for users to edit their content, add new pages and what-have-you quickly, and give you tons of support when you need a little help.

And I’m an award winning writer. I’ve been writing for virtually my entire life and have won numerous awards for poetry, short stories, non-fiction essays, and even whole-ass books. I’ve been on the Best Sellers lists, too.

So, if this is something that’s of interest to you, reach out quickly and let’s talk details. We can chat via Messenger or we can even jump on Zoom or Google Meet to talk “in-person” if you’d like.

By the way – if all 4 of these spaces sell out (and I believe they will), I won’t have space for any other website design projects for the rest of the year. (I will still have content creation and tech support space, however). Which means, if you’ve been wanting a new website, NOW is the time.

If you’re ready to buy now, click the BUY NOW button.

If you have questions, either book a 30 minute call with the BOOK NOW button or fill out the fill form.

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