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You may have noticed that I recently added a Resources section to this site where I post tools, apps, services, etc that I use and recommend including 2 of my favorites – Evernote and CoSchedule.

And today I’d like to share a video with you produced by CoSchedule where Garrett Moon of CoSchedule talks it up with Taylor Pipes from Evernote on how to plan marketing from concept to published content using their super awesome apps together.

If you’re not already using these 2 tools, perhaps this will show you why you might consider it and why I love them both so much.

UPDATE: MAY 30, 2019 – The above video seems to be no longer available but here is Taylor’s write up on the same topic. There is also a great, very in-depth post from another CoSchedule staff member – How to Plan and Execute an Effective Content Strategy That Will Quadruple Your Results (Templates)

Check out my resource post on Evernote and my resource post on CoSchedule.

If you’d like to learn more about either app, you’ll find Evernote here and CoSchedule here (and yes, those are both affiliate links and if you sign up for a paid account, I will get a referral fee 😎 ).

What tools do you use and love? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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