The top 5 reasons your WP website might be having issues

Although I primarily only do web design for past clients, friends, and associates or via referrals nowadays, I’ve been seeing some really terrible advice about websites lately.

So, I’m going to start dropping some quick facts every day about design and development.

Here’s your first one. . .

WordPress is a solid platform and if you’re having problems with it, I can guarantee you there’s at least one of the following things happening, if not multiple:

  1. Your site wasn’t built properly to begin with
  2. You’re using too many or poorly coded plugins
  3. You’re using poorly coded themes
  4. Your hosting isn’t up to par
  5. You haven’t maintained your plugins, your themes, or WP core itself

I know this because I’ve been designing and developing WordPress websites since 2005 – when WP was in it’s infancy.

And I also know this because I have a handful of websites I built for clients between 2010 and 2013 that are still going strong. We’ve done nothing but keep them updated every month.

Having a website is kinda like having a house or a car – you have to keep them maintained and updated in order to continue working properly. If you don’t, they fail. And it’s really not as hard as it sounds. We’ll talk more about it in upcoming posts.

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